Provincial College

The Page of History

At first the word combination "The Provincial College" appeard in last days of March, 1991 in the local press - it was the advertizing of summer educational camp for students of our region which laboured in August, 1991 on the base of rest and repose "Iskra" in Gavrilov-Yam region.
The Planetarium in Yaroslavl existed sience the 7th of November, 1948and it had the golden aniversary in 1998.

On the 25th of March, 1992 accoding to the resolution of the mayor of the city of Yaroslavl the Yaroslavl Science-Teachers Training Centre Was created ( The Provincial College - The Planetarium). The Provincial College began to work on the base of the historical building - former church of The Protection of the Kazan Virgin women monastery. M.V.Gruzdev became the director of The College, the candidate of Geographic Sciences, the graduate of Yaroslavl Teachers Training University which was founded in the honour of K.D. Yshinsky.
In the spring, 1992
the Provincial College actively took part in the holding and prepearing to the First Competition in Geography among students of all over the country in Yaroslavl.
The 1st of September, 1992
- the first school bell rang in the College, it became the begining of the first academic year. Before that the first broadcasting of the brain programme for students "Yeruditsion" was shown on the local TV channel.
October, 1992
- the first issue of the College newspaper came out it was the first scool factory newspaper in the Yaroslavl region.
Autumn, 1993
- students of the College went to the Western schools and universities to get the further education at the first time. Three students and 1st graduates were studing at schools in the USA during the year.
May, 1994
- on the Centre's and espesially the Planitarium's initiative in Yaroslavl the first competition in Astronomy and Space Physics among pupils from all over the country took place.
- experts of the International Sience Assosiation "The Cultural Initiative" got to know with the work of the centre. The work of the centre got the highest mark for it's activity which was direct towards solving the problem of the renewing of the humanitarian education in Russia.
July, 1994
-the Planitarium in Yaroslavl was admitted into the World Assosiation of Planetariums it became one of the first Russian planetarium which did it during konference in Florida.
October, 1994
- "the star hour" of M.A. Nyankovsky, "The Literature Newspaper" named him "the teacher of the year - 1994" - the national hero. After that Nyankovsky had a meeting with Russian president in the Kremlin.
November, 1994
- the centre began the realization of the programme for students who had the direct on the brain activity and science creature "The Opening".
- The magazine "Fire" (15 - 1995) named the Provincial College one of the "best 100 schools in Russia".

On the 6th of April, 1995
- the meeting of College's students with famous politican the member of state Dyma - G.A. Yavlinsky took place.
On the 21st-23d of April, 1995
- The Centre held the 1st Yaroslavl Science konference among pupils.
March, 1996
- the first group of students from the College visited "The House of Youth" thanks to the programme of the caltural exchange (the city of Franckfurt-on-the Main, FRG).
On May, 13-19 1996
Provincial college organized the First All-Russia Olympiad of scholars under literature.
In October 1996
the students had an opportunity to use resources of global computer network Internet, not going out of Planetarium.
Autumn, 1997
- provincial college got an additional premise to the address of Uglicheskaya street,15/
March, 1998
the school for little children (4-6years old) is opened.
April, 1998
- the Yaroslavl scientific conference of schoolboys gets the status of the All-Russia conference by the decision of the Ministry of Education of the Russian Federation.
September, 1998 - For the first time economy class under the joint project with the International University of Business and New Technologies (model "school-high school") is opened.

Autumn, 1998
- our students visited the city Juvjaskjulja in structure of delegation of the Yaroslavl scholars.
April, 1999
- Participation of the Finnish schoolboys in the Yaroslavl conference .
May, 1999
- The mayoralty of Yaroslavl JAGNPTS is renamed by the order of Management of formation in MOU general educational high school with the profound learning of separate subjects " Provincial college " .
September, 1999
- E.R.Semko, candidate of physics and mathematics sciences and a teacher of maths in YRGU named after Demidov, became a headmaster.
April, 2000
- magazine "Career" Has defined college on 42 place in the list of 100 best schools of Russia .
September, 2000
- School " Plus " (school of support of first-graders) is opened in the Provincial college.
October, 2000
- Teachers of Provincial college in structure of the Yaroslavl delegation go to the city Juvjaskjulja where give lessons to the Finnish scholars.
November, 2000
- the command of our students was among the winners of the international remote game " association of the nations " held by UNESCO.
December, 2000
- The order of the joint decision of mayor and the governor on designing and construction of a new building of Provincial college on the base 132 military factories at a corner street Big October and street of Tchaikovsky .
March, 2001
- The provincial college for the first time has lead a set nine-formers to a physicotechnical class under the joint project with JArGU it. P.G.Demidova . April, 2001 - Provincial college became a Regional platform within the limits of the Megaproject of Institute "The open society " On development of formation in Russia also has begun realization of the program "Marketing of educational services - strategy of educational establishment In conditions of large city".
April, 2002
- The provincial college became Federal experimental platform within the limits of the project of National Fund of Preparation Staffs"Modernization of formation " Also has begun realization of the program "Model of the senior profile school on the basis of the approach ".
May, 2002
- Among any way chosen Ninth-graders of 40 schools of the Russian Federation it has been lead international testing Pisa in which the college has appeared in the five of the strongest.
June, 2002
- 10-th anniversary release of the Provincial college.
October, 2003
-To E.R.Semko and O.G.Levina became winners of the Premium The governor of the Yaroslavl area for merits in sphere of the organization of research activity of schoolboys.
- The provincial college has successfully passed procedures state Certifications and accreditations, the license for educational activity till 2009 is received.
November, 2005
- for the first time in Yaroslavl the Provincial college organized Internet video-teleconferences with schools of Canada, Holland and Croatia as a participant of the UNESCO International Project "This is our time"
February, 2006
- For the first time the Provincial college declared opening of the informational technology class with profound study of informatics and math.
May, 2006
- the Provincial college became the laureate of award (One million rubles) of the Foreground National Project "The Education".
Auguast, 2006
- Tree teachers of the Provincial college Levina Olga, Nyankovsky Michael, Chernushkina Larisa won competition "The best teachers of Russian Federation" of the Foreground National Project "The Education".
- The teacher of history Frolov Ivan Victorovich became a winner of the competition "The best teachers of Russian Federation" of the Foreground National Project "The Education" of 2007.
October, 2007
- The Provincial college has got the building of former school #64 officially. For the first time all the college's classes are joined together under the same roof. All the lessons are held in the building on the address: 79, Bolshaya Octyabrskaya Street.

History is continuing...