What is the College?

It is rather difficult to answer this question… Let's begin…

Teaching in College

More than 150 pupils study in the sixth forms in the Provincial College. There are three profiles: humanitarian, economic and physico-technological.

The College gives full general not specialized education. After studying in the Provincial College pupils get the State Certificate of General Education. In humanitarian forms we have a profound learning of Literature, History and English. In economic forms the main subjects are the base of Economy and Social Science. In physical forms Physics, Mathematics, Information Technology are taught deeply.

There are a lot of extracurricular educational activities for pupils of the College: lessons on subjects, which are not included in normal curriculum, lectures about the problems of the modern science, individual consultations with the tutors and specialists, and facultative lessons for the persons who are interested in them.

Course papers of students take the central place in the curriculum of the Provincial College. During the course of studies each student has to do a serious individual research work. Some specialists help to each student in their research. The tutors are not teachers of the College only. Some Yaroslavl scientists are invited as tutors. The quality level of course papers is rather high. According to the specialists' recommendations some works can compete with scientific works of the third or fourth course students of Yaroslavl universities. A students of College can defend their course papers as an elective exam in the tenth and eleventh forms, if their research works were done well, if the specialists gave a good reference.

Cooperation with universities.

The Provincial College is a business-like partner of all universities in Yaroslavl. The most flattering thing is the co-operation of the Provincial College with Yaroslavl Demidov State university.

The graduates of the Provincial College
The students of the Provincial College say…

It is necessary to visit College to understand and to feel keenly everything.

We study in a warm, household atmosphere under the dome of the former Pokrovsky cathedral.

The English room

All of us are very friendly. We even step ahead together.

Summer camp

Teachers are our leaders, tutors and friends. They always help us to make right decision. During summer time they can have a rest but in spite of this they never leave one another.

Tat'yana Yur'yevna, Yuliya Yevgyen'yevna, Natal'ya Vladimirovna, Ol'ga Germanovna

The students of the College thankful for understanding, education and certainly for knowledge.

The Provincial College is our home and warms. You are always welcome here!