AAll-Russia Scientific Conference for high school students "DISCOVERY"

Historical Information

In the April 1995 in Yaroslavl for the first time took place city's scientific multiple-discipline student's conference, where students of the city performed their reports about researches.

In 1996-1997 on Yaroslavl conference was come students from Yaroslavl region and guests from other regions. The conference became regional.

In 1998 initiative of Yaroslavl supported Ministry of Education of Russian Federation, and conference became All-Russia.

In 1999 for the first time in conference took part Finnish students from Juvyaskyulya.

In 2004 at math's conference "Discovery" performed students from Armenia.

At last years in competitive choice of the conference take part more than 800 reports of students from 40 regions of Russian Federation.

For its ten year history conference "Discovery" recieved thousands of students from different parts of our country,teachers,specialists, many interesting people. Every year at conference come famous specialists and scientists, and participants have an able to hear unique lectures, take part in round-table discussions.
Among the guests of the conference was:
Kyashchenko Nikolay Ivanovich, doctor of philosophical scienses, professor, leading scientist of sector philosophy of religion Philosophical institute Russian Academy of Scienses;
Ledeneva Tatyana Victorovna, candidat of philological science, associate professor of faculty of foreign languages Moscow State university;
Smirnova Tatyana Sergeevna, candidat of economical scienses, associate professor of Economical institute Kostroma's State university;
Irma Saarikivi, specialist of Department of Education of Juvyaskyulya , the teacher of Kilpinen school (Finland)


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